Bulk Produce Pre-Orders

Please review the following instructions:

  • Complete the form below. Once you have submitted the form you should receive a confirmation email. This email confirms that your form was successfully submitted, but does not indicate that your order is ready.
  • We will call you when we are able to fill your order and take your credit card payment over the phone. Your order will not be reserved until payment is received.
  • At this time we are unable to guarantee your order will be ready on a specific date. If you have a preference for specific date(s) you can add them to the ‘Comments’ field, and we will do our best to accommodate given variable field conditions. Please note the “Availability” status of each crop in the description below to get a better idea of when we are able to fill your order!

Thank you for pre-ordering your produce from Blooming Junction!


    Item Price* Qty Comments
    Jonagold Apples, 40 lb case $40
    Golden Delicious Apples, 40 lb case $40
    Cameo Apples, 40 lb case $40
    Pinova Apples, 40 lb case $40
    Gala Apples, 40 lb case $40
    Fuji Apples, 40 lb case $40
    Honeycrisp Apples, 40 lb case $58
    Comice Pears, 50 lb case $50
    D'anjou (green) Pears, 50 lb case $50
    D'anjou (red) Pears, 50 lb case $50
    Bosc Pears, 50 lb case $50
    Concorde Pears, 50 lb case $50